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Welcome to Mobile Fabrik

General Info

Mobile Fabrik is the personal Web space of Jürg Schulthess.

I hope to be publishing some content of interest to more than just me. This will include Topics like:

  • Open Source Software
  • "Open Source Health" or holistic health topics

Once upon a time this internet domain was representative of an startup by 3 people out of Perth (WA) focused around adaptive mobile web development. Since the startup vanished I adopted the domain for personal use.

Notes on the infrastructure

This site also runs on the Qortal ( Blockchain.

If you are looking at this site through the Qortal UI you know what I'm talking about. Note: If you do the page links to the internet may not work since these worlds are supposed to be separate. The sooner we to get used to self sovereignty and independence the better.

However, instead of making the site accessible through a web gateway to Qortal (setup) this site is published in both systems independently. I prefer to keep the externally controlled and censurable world (Internet) from the world built on self sovereignty and individual independence (Qortal). Infrastructure built on Qortal is truely decentralised and doesn't need any centralised entrypoints like a gateway or web server.