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Open Source Health

"Open Source" health is all about knowledge that improves health and allows our bodies to work as they were designed. This knowledge has to be be in the open and shared honsestly.

Nature provided us with a body that is very resilient and has incredible regenerative properties.

Did you know that every part of our bodies is constantly being renewed? This means:

  • new rods and cones in our retina every 48 hours
  • the lining of our intestine is replaced every 3 days
  • new skin every 6 weeks
  • a new liver every 8 weeks
  • a new nervous system every 8 months

In an ideal world our bodies would be able to replace all damaged tissue with new cells and keep on doing this indefinitely.

Our modern lives and environments put up challenges for this regeneration to happen. Whether it is chemical, electrical, emotional or other toxins, every kind toxin that surrounds us and that we come in contact with has the potential to keep regeneration from working optimally.

There is a lot we can do to help our bodies to work better. Most of these "tricks" and lifestyle choices are simple and sometimes lead to veritable miracles in health improvement.

This section is about sharing some of the knowledge I have acquired as well as experiences I have had on the subject over the years.